List Your Surplus

Maximize Profit with ARCA

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies often grapple with the challenge of excess inventory. This surplus includes obsolete, hard-to-find, and discontinued components and equipment, posing a significant hurdle to efficient operations.

Transforming Inventory Challenges into Growth and Profitability

ARCA Supply steps in as a specialized partner, equipped to unlock the hidden value within your excess inventory. Our mission is to help you turn your inventory challenge into an opportunity for growth and increased profitability.

Transparency, Efficiency, and Profitability

ARCA Supply employs a meticulous consignment process, marked by transparency, efficiency, and the promise of maximum returns for you:


Comprehensive Inventory Assessment
Upon partnering with ARCA Supply, our expert team conducts a thorough evaluation of your excess inventory. This evaluation takes into account part numbers, quantities, and quality.

Transparent Reporting
Following the assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive report that ensures complete transparency and understanding.

Strategic Warehousing
Your components are systematically organized into dedicated bins, each clearly labeled with your company's identifier. They are securely stored in our state-of-the-art warehouse.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance
At ARCA Supply, quality is our paramount concern. Our dedicated quality control team oversees every aspect of the process, ensuring each component is handled with the utmost care. Any discrepancies, whether in count or condition, are promptly addressed.


Driving Profitability

By choosing ARCA Supply as your partner in excess inventory management, you gain access to a range of benefits that can drive your organization's success:

Global Reach
Our extensive network enables us to market your excess components to potential buyers worldwide.

Dynamic Marketing
With over 4 million monthly views, your inventory listings consistently receive maximum visibility.

Efficient Sales Process
We manage logistics and shipping, simplifying the process for you. Regular updates and earnings based on pre-agreed percentages ensure complete transparency at every stage.


Maximize The Value of Your Overstock Inventory

Let ARCA Supply be your reliable partner, dedicated to helping you transform excess inventory into a source of profit and growth. Experience the ARCA Supply difference today!


  • This is negotiated on a per deal basis, but what we do is propose and set an offer period. That period is somewhere between 6months and 18 months.
  • At the expiration of the offer period we have a few options.
    • Purchased at a pre-agreed value - Typically a % of the original value.
    • Recycled - Typically a price per Lb as scrap.

  • Absolutely, we don’t worry about the horse being dead, we just load the wagon. We will reflect our offer price in our bid.

  • This is negotiated on a per deal basis, but we attempt to cover shipping costs on our side if the deal economics allow.
  • Sometimes, we ask for the shipping to be reduced from eventual sales, but still arrange shipping and pay the costs for you.
  • In rare instances, we ask you to ship the material to us. We propose shipping with our offer before you are asked to make any decision.

  • This all depends on the material and projected sales versus our internal costs. We project and propose this info with our quote.

  • Your material gets circulated to our our other members who are comprised of other wholesalers. There’s some instances where we can restrict who can purchase if that’s interesting to you. If so, I’ll connect you with the program manager.
  • We do not support any grey market activities whatsoever (grey market means to take the sale away from an authorized channel by representing surplus product as new.
  • If you have any deeper questions, i’ll connect you to the program manager.

  • There are some instances where brands have given us permission to take non-critical product to end user markets in the USA.
  • Critical product gets circulated through our membership.
  • We do not support any grey market activities whatsoever (grey market means to take the sale away from an authorized channel by representing surplus product as new.
  • If you have any deeper questions, i’ll connect you to the program manager.

  • We can adjust our product sales velocity directly by adjusting price. The higher the sales price required, the longer it takes to find buyers.
  • We can plan for this according to your needs in your project quote process.

  • Our sales take place on a spectrum. We start high and move to lower prices as time goes on.
  • We can set minimums but this can impact the bid economics.

  • It depends on how much product data you can share with us. If you provide full data our pricing algorithm's run very inexpensively and we offer these results at no cost.
  • If you can’t or won’t share data with us we may ask to assess a fee to gather the data on our own.

  • No, however we will send a truck.

  • We process anything that falls into the industrial MRO category.
  • Some equipment also falls into our expertise.

  • ARCA supply is a one stop shop for sustainable disposition for all end of life assets.
  • Outside of  furniture, weapons, explosives, controlled substances, truly hazardous or biological waste we accept all categories into our program.
  • However, some materials you want to send us might come with a cost to process:
    • Certain lightbulbs or fixtures
    • Thermostats
    • Cylinders/tanks/aresol
    • electronics/e-scrap/televisions/printers/phones
    • Chemicals/glue/cleaning product
  • In most instances, the revenue of the inventory you plan to send us will off set any costs associated with disposal of these hazardous materials.
  • In our quote to you, we will propose these economics/costs far ahead of time.
  • In the event that we do have to charge any type of fee for waste disposal, the costs will be far less than any waste management vendor because of the offset by your saleable inventory.

  • Ideally we woud like to receive neatly stacked standard size pallets that are shipped to us securely with zero spillage. 40”x48”x40”.
  • We understand that this is not always convenient to prepare shipments.
  • We will in fact accept loads in any condition you would like to send them. Even floor loaded.
  • If you plan to ship in a non-conforming style, with your quote we will propose any sale price reductions (in an hourly format) we recommend so we can put in the extra labor of sorting through non-conforming material for you.

  • This is exactly what ARCA supply was built for! We are this industries spare parts room. Most members put and take from the system. Even if they originally sent us the items.
  • If you want your items back, we set this up during our project bid:
    • Claw back with no cost.
    • Clawed back at a % of original value.
  • This allows you to freely send your surplus and still have access to it, because we all know that as soon as you get rid of it, someone always needs it.

  • We prefer to keep this confidential but we regularly deal with the larger IMARK members.
  • Many of the USESI companies are part of our program:
    • EW
    • Maurice
    • Yale
    • Frakliin
    • Walters
  • Summit

  • Absolutely, and our coverage will cover you too as an additionally insured if you need.

  • Our sales take place on a spectrum. We start high and move to lower prices as time goes on.
  • We typically start at net dist and start moving down.
  • We can set minimums but this can impact the bid economics.

  • A project is a batch of material that we are processing for you.
  • This can be:
    • An item
    • A pallet
    • A truckload
    • A series of shipments over a period of time.
  • We can have many projects open with you with different or same rules applied.

Pricing Tiers


Slight discount from Net Dist. Sold on ARCA's Market place,


70-35% of Net Dist. Market value in Bulk, based on demand.


30% - 15% of Net Dis. items are priced to move.


Items are placed into up to 3 auctions, public or private


If items don't sell, they still receive a sustainable disposition.