ARCA Warehousing 101

Have you ever wondered how orders move in and out? Below is a small glimpse into the day-to-day operations in the ARCA warehouse.

  • Intake- This is where it begins! After orders are received, the intake team inspects, occasionally dusts off, weighs, and enters each item. Photographs of each product are taken, sealed, and labeled for easy identification throughout the process. Intake is the first critical step as we inspect the condition and quality of all parts before making them available for purchase.

  • Shelving- Once all items are labeled and put onto a cart, the team begins shelving. This step must be taken correctly, so we always know where things are. The team member simply goes to where he'd like to put the item, scans the bin or shelf depending on the size of the part, and puts it there. Now, we have a record of where we put that piece of new inventory and will be able to track it down when we need to.

  • Picking- We got a new order, time to pick! Lists showing what orders to pick are generated at the beginning and middle of each day. Doing this twice daily ensures all packages go out the same day, every day. The team member follows the list by going to the item’s bin and finding the part needed. A sticker with the order number is printed out and matched up with the item. A cart of all picked items is then moved to our packing station. If you zoom in closely, the WAV that Charlie is standing on says "Amy's Wave." Amy is currently an Account Manager on our Sales team but used to be a picking pro in on the warehousing side!

  • Packing- The first thing our packers need to do is scan the sticker with the order number on it and pull it up in the ARCA system. From here, we can double-check the part for any final quality issues. Next, we ensure bubble wrap and packing paper are used as needed to keep the item safe while on its shipping journey. The box is then closed, taped, and weighed. The final step is to select a shipping carrier, print out the label, slap it on the box, then put it in its designated location for shipping.

  • Shipping- Carriers are scheduled to pick up the orders, boxes are loaded, and the shipments are on their way!

13th Feb 2023

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